2021 Annual General Meeting



2021 Annual General Meeting - Virtual Meeting

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting was held in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics Virtual Meeting.

The 2021 APC AGM also took place virtually (via Zoom) on Thursday June 24, 2021 at 5 pm PDT.

APC approved new members:

Active Members:
      Dr. Sida Zeng (U of Texas, Cert Prostho 2018)
      Dr. Louis Rainville (UofMinn & FRCDC 2019)
      Dr. Nora El Mowafy (FRCDC 2018)
      Dr. Mohamed Gebril (UBC 2019, FRCDC 2019, licensed by PDBNS)
      Dr. Ahmed Ballo (UBC 2020, FRCDC 2020, licensed by CDSBC)
      Dr. Samuel Hickman (U Minn 2017, licensed by RCDSO)

Non-Resident Members:
      Dr. Sahr Al Tuwaijiri (UBC Dip Prostho & MSc)
      Dr. Walaa Ahmed (UBC & FRCDC 2020)

Student members:
      Dr. Cui Cui (UofT)
      Dr. Steve Chang (UofT)
      Dr. Sadaf Gavahi Kashani (UBC)
      Dr. Mohammed Alsammarraie (UBC)
      Dr. Noura Tayan (UBC)
      Dr. Faisal Al Assadi (UBC)
      Dr. Saurabh Chhabra (UBC GAP student)
      Dr. Farheen Malek (Louisiana State University Health Science Center)
      Dr. Wael Zakkour (Louisiana State University Health Science Center)

 Congratulations to new Life members!
      Dr. David Neale
      Dr. Robert Loney