Why do I need a Prosthodontist?

Diagnosis, treatment planning and prevention

Prosthodontists are recognized as the diagnosis and treatment planning experts. Identification of the cause of oral deterioration is a key element to any dental treatment in order to stop the progression of disease, minimize its impact, develop an effective treatment strategy and prevent future recurrence of disease.

A prosthodontist has two to three additional years of training in clinical restorative procedures beyond a general dental degree, and attains a very high level of skills in the restoration of function and esthetics of the compromised dentition (teeth).

Coordination of Care for
Complex Cases

expert coordination of careMany dental problems can be corrected by a general dentist, but more complex cases often require a coordinated and holistic approach, employing the expertise of perhaps several different dental or medical specialists. The role of the Prosthodontist in these cases is dual: he not only administers his professional care to the patient, but also coordinates and oversees the dental team in the patient's treatment plan.

Prosthodontists develop the overall treatment plans and synchronize treatment sequences with other specialists as well as with general dentists in order to provide the most comprehensive care.

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