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Samuel Hickman

Specialist Prosthodontist / Adjunct Assistant Professor, Hickman Specialist Group / University of Minnesota
Born in Ottawa, Canada, Sam has spent the eight years prior to moving to Minnesota studying, working and traveling in Australia. Dr. Samuel Hickman graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Science before heading off to sunny Sydney to study Dentistry. Sam studied at the University of Sydney, and upon completion of his degree wasn?t ready for his Australian adventure to end. Sam found a modern dental practice in Darwin and dove into this truly ?Aussie? opportunity. There he experienced the realities of dentistry in the outback, overcoming challenges of both time and distance. It was in this isolated place where specialists were in short supply that Sam had his skills as a general dentist tested. Ultimately, it was also these experiences that led to his decision to pursue a specialty in prosthodontics.


Hickman Specialist Group Dental - Orthodontics / Prosthodontics / Implant Centre
1379 Bank St - 2nd Floor
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1H 8N3

TEL: 613-731-1961
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