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Benefits of Active Membership

There was a time when a unique group of individuals like us, wanted to find and associate with like-minded professionals in an effort to pursue not so common interests as well as have some group security.  There are instances where we need a group voice, for right or wrong to have any input at all in the little things that come to try us as a profession.  The only way to have a strong voice in any matter that may present is to have a strong Association, in whatever form that may take.  But really, in today?s environment, there seems to be a plethora of groups, prosthodontic or not that are vying for your attention.

What sets the APC apart?

  1. National Representation ? The APC is the recognized national voice for our chosen profession, you don?t join, you don?t get a say.  We are well represented in ongoing issues and communications with the CDA, CDSA and the federal government.
  2. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry - included in your membership is a subscription to the JPD, one of the founding journals of our profession. APC is a sponsoring organization and has a designated liaison from our membership to the Journal. Our preferred subscription rate is a significant savings over the individual subscription.
  3. Discounts with Dental Supply Manufacturers ?
    • ASTRA TECH CANADA - A discount of 10% is offered on all restorative components, excluding equipment, software and AtlantisTM custom abutments. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions. APC members should contact their local Astra Tech representative when placing the order in order to receive this discount.
    • BIOMET 3i - all APC members receive a 10% discount off all products excluding BellaTek products (this offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount).
    • IVOCLAR VIVADENT CANADA - We have also negotiated a 10% discount on all Lab products (except alloy and denture tooth forms) as well as 10% off all CE courses from IVOCLAR VIVADENT CANADA.
    • NOBEL BIOCARE CANADA - Members of the APC receive a straight 10 % discount.
    • STRAUMANN CANADA - Members of the APC receive a 10% discount on all restorative components, excluding equipment, software, CAD CAM coping and custom abutments. (This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount. To take effect January 1st, 2011). For inquiries on implant programs and regenerative products, please contact your  STRAUMANN  representative directly.
    You must show proof of full Active level APC membership to your local ASTRA TECH, STRAUMANN or IVOCLAR representative at time of order to receive these ongoing benefits. We are also currently negotiating with several other companies for similar relationships.
  4. APC Logo Advertising - Members may use the APC logo for advertising in the media, including yellow pages, as well as including it on your letterhead.  Members may download these files from this website.
  5. The APC Membership Directory (login required to view) - This is an invaluable resource in member-to-member communications.  Updated immediately online.
  6. FrontLine - The regularly published newsletter of the APC.  This current and timely publication is an effective way to communicate to the other members of the APC.  Everything from Executive communications, articles and announcements pertaining to the organization of our profession, classified advertising and distribution of other informative and editorial matters.
  7. Continuing Education - As members of the APC we are able to join or attend scientific sessions of many other Prosthodontic Organizations like the American College of Prosthodontists at discounted rates.
  8. Mailing List Distribution - The APC regularly distributes information on behalf of other prosthodontic organizations to the APC members in order that you to receive timely information about CE courses or other publications of interest such as SPECTRUM.  Without membership to the APC, you may not receive these.
  9. Referral Websites for APC Members - The APC web site is hosted and maintained by the Editorial Council of the Journal of Prosthodontics.  For those APC members who already have their own websites, APC can offer a domain referral service or sub-domain hosting for a one-time setup fee. This gives APC members a subdomain of the APC site (i.e. which automatically re-directs traffic to their own existing website (i.e. In addition, we can offer one email alias for each subdomain which forwards all mail received to another email of choice. (i.e. forwards mail to or Cost for domain referral setup is $150. Please contact the APC Administrator to set this up for you.

We have a great opportunity to make the APC a strong and vital organization and voice for Prosthodontics, all it takes is you.

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