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Prosthodontics is an exciting, constantly changing and challenging specialty of dentistry. Membership in the Association of Prosthodontics is free for students currently enrolled in a CDAC or CODA accredited prosthodontic programs and allows them to network with future peers and mentors.

Moreover, there are annual meetings that incorporate both business and education, and offer students the opportunity to take part in table clinics and presentation of research. Students are also invited to publish articles (points-of-care, clinical cases) in our bi-annual Frontline newsletter, or present their research in one of our official journals such as The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

APC is proud of our ongoing tradition of introducing our new and student members in our Frontline newsletter, so we invite you to submit a brief biographic statement (one or two paragraphs) along with a photo of yourself with your membership application: name, current location, schools attended, diplomas obtained and expected, expected date of graduation, interests (clinical, research and personal), as well as your plans after graduation.

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the rest of our members, and gives you an opportunity to connect with members who may be considering retirement or the sale of a practice, or are seeking an associate.  You can email all materials to the APC Administrator at

There are no fees for student membership but we request that you apply for membership and renew annually as well so that we may keep our records up to date. We allow recent prosthodontist graduates to remain as student members up to a year from their graduation date in order to have time to complete the required NDSE and RCDS Fellowship exams that make them eligible for active membership.

Please join your professional association and have a voice in the future of prosthodontics in Canada.


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