2022 Annual General Meeting

The APC AGM will take place in person from 12:00 noon to 14:00 on Monday May 30, 2022, in room 524A at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal.

The 2022 AGM meeting will take place in conjunction with the JDIQ in Montreal held from May 27 - 31, 2022 

 The APC day at the JDIQ will take place on Monday May 30 2022 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. Lectures will start at 9:00 am. Each speaker will have an hour including questions period.

Our speakers line up includes:

9 am Opening remarks in French and English

9:10 am Dr Carl Driscoll

10:05 am Dr Oliver Pin Harry

11 am Dr Faraj Edher

2:05 pm Dr Nadim Baba

3 pm Dr Stephen Wagner


If you have anything that you would like brought up at the AGM meeting, please contact the President, Dr. David Chvartszaid at David.Chvartszaid@dentistry.utoronto.ca

An RSVP is requested for the APC AGM if you have not already done so to assist with seating and catering arrangements. 

Note: Since the AGMs are a members-only meeting, you'll need your APC website login and password to RSVP or to read minutes or financial reports. If you've forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password" link in the login page, enter your email address and it will be automatically sent to the email address we have on file for you. If you do not received the password within the hour, please email administrator@prosthodontics.ca. You may need to update your email address in our records. 


If you cannot attend an AGM, please take a moment to download the Proxy Form and fill it out. You may give your proxy to any Active  member or assign it to a member of the executive.  If the proxy is assigned to a member of the Executive, it can be emailed (administrator@prosthodontics.ca) or faxed (604-263-1773) to the administrator for delivery to the Executive.
You may download the agendas, schedule of speakers, past meeting minutes, financial statements and budgets on the Meeting Minutes page in the members-only section of this site. A login is required to access this page and these files.

Life Memberships

Remember that Life Membership applications must be received prior to the AGM (before May 15, 2022) in order to be considered for Life Membership in the following (2022) calendar year. More info is on the application page (member login required)



2021 Annual General Meeting - Virtual Meeting

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting was held in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics Virtual Meeting

The 2021 APC AGM took place virtually (via Zoom) on Thursday June 24, 2021 at 5 pm PDT.

The 2021 Draft minutes, approved 2021 budget, and 2020 financial statements are available on the Members Home page (login required).


Other Meetings of Interest to Prosthodontists

by APC Admin, posted on 3:51 PM, April 2, 2020

The Association of Prosthodontists of Canada has received reports of allegedly professional conferences that have failed to provide the promised roster of speakers or venue. While we cannot provide a comprehensive list of all legitimate conferences, the list below represents several well-respected, longstanding opportunities for professional development open to registration for Prosthodontists.


  1. American Prosthodontic Society Annual Meeting


  1. Academy of Prosthodontics


  1. Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics - 87th Annual Meeting
  • June 29 - July 2, 2022 - 87th Annual Meeting
    Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM


  1. American College of Prosthodontics Annual Session


  1. American College of Prosthodontics Review Course


  1. International College of Prosthodontics
  • 2023, Shanghai, China - 20th Biennial Meeting of the ICP
  • https://www.icp-conference.com/

  • Webinars
    12 May 2022 - Dr. Kazuyoshi Baba, "Current Status and Future Prospective of Digital Dentistry - Database Driven Prosthodontics"

    18 May 2022 - Dr. Suresh Nayar, "Collaborations - key to successful outcomes in maxillofacial prosthodontics"

    2 June 2022 - Dr. Du-Hyeong Lee, "Digital Transformation in Prosthodontic Treatments: 3D Image Collection and Virtual Dentofacial Image Integration"

    16 June 2022 - Dr. Katleen Vandamme, "The Choosing Instead of Lo(o)s(en)ing: Restorative Options for the Implant-Supported Single Crown

    29 June 2022 - Dr. Carlos R. Parra Atala, "Treatment Planning of the Esthetically Compromised Patient; a balance Between Esthetics, Function, and Scientific Evidence"

    8 July 2022 - Dr. Guang Hong, "The Possibility of Zirconia for Dental Implants"

    14 July 2022 - Dr. James Tsoi, "Industry 4.0 for dental prosthesis production"

    18 Aug 2022 - Dr. Elham Emami, "Denture Stomatitis: an Update"

    fall 2022 - Dr. Stephen F. Rosenstiel, "Successful Scientific Publishing and Peer-Reviewing"

  1. American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics


  1. British Society of Prosthodontics


  1. International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • 7 - 19 March 2022, Atlanta Geaorgia, ICOI Winter Implant Symposium
  • 3 - 5 Nov, 2022,  Las Vegas, NV, ICOI World Congress
  • https://www.icoi.org/events/


  1. European Prosthodontic Association


  1. Academy of Osseointegration


  1. Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics


  1. ITI World Symposium & Events


  1. Quintessence Symposia


  1. Nobel Biocare Global Symposium


  1. American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry


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