Privacy Policy

The Association of Prosthodontists of Canada (“APC”) obtains information from its members and guests for the annual member dues and for registration at the Association’s annual scientific session and AGM.

The Association values its members and guests and respects their privacy. We collect member/guest information such as name, e-mail and postal addresses, phone and credit card numbers when you visit our secure website. The Association does not sell or give your personal information to third parties.

Member and guest entered information is accessible only by Association managers, accountants, Secretary-Treasurer and Webmaster. The information is stored on a non-public secured site. Members can access a Membership page using their personal login and password codes. A member can update their own contact information through their Profile Manager, but may only view other members’ information.

The public has access only to members' information through the public search page only if appropriate permissions are specifically granted by each member using their Profile Manager. The default search parameters are set so that only Clinical Practice addresses and phone numbers are available for viewing on public access pages.

When the Association uses other companies to provide services for us, the Association requires them to protect the confidentially of the personal information they receive. Electronic transmission of credit card/contact information for payments are handled by a secure transaction provider and are not stored at any time within the Association's web site, web servers or in other files.

Cookies are the method used for the APC login authentication and session management only. We do not use the method to store any private data or for viewer personalization. The login scripts require a member to allow a cookie to be set to retain the identity of the member for the duration of their session in the non-public areas of APC website. Users of the APC site may delete cookies BETWEEN sessions with no ill effect on subsequent visits to the site, but will be denied access entirely if cookies are blocked altogether.


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